What’s Purna Yoga Integral ?

Purna yoga intégral is a methode of yoga made of static and dynamic positions. It applies to 3 levels of integration.

  • Emotional,
  • mental,
  • and spiritual.

Getting well being ? Of course ! But not only. Yoga Purna integrates all the aspects of yoga, to transform and heal.

The word Purna mens « complete » in sanskrit, and is also called « yoga of the supra mental ». Purna has been theorized by the philosopher Bengali and the wise Sri Aurobindo in 1990. It’s been conceived by Swami Asuri Kapila in Paris at the same period.

Purna Yoga integral is based on positions (asanas) of alignment, yoga of the breathing (Pranayama) and integration of the differents aspects of the human being. That’s why different parts of the body are in motion during the sequence : hands, arms, legs, chest, face .. Everything works out in the Yoga Purna integral !!

In your daily life, you will gain more focus, an empowered ability of action, and more compassion for your self. A liberation !

Wanna try ? Suscribe here : videos in english version to come soon !

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